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Ceramic Band Heaters

Backer Marathon Ceramic Band Heaters are a high performance alternative to traditional mica band heaters.  Ceramic band heaters are capable of operating at temperatures up to 1400°F with the ceramic fiber insulation providing excellent thermal efficiency.  Ceramic band heaters are typically used for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding. Ceramic band heaters can open fully for easy installation around the barrel.  Backer Marathon ceramic band heaters are available in 2 thicknesses; Standard and Double Insulated for maximum insulation thickness. All Backer Marathon Ceramic Band Heaters feature a stainless steel outer sheath for superior oxidation resistance.



Backer Marathon ceramic band heaters are computer designed and manufactured to your specifications. Only the highest quality materials are used for optimal performance.

  • High temperature oxidation resistant stainless steel sheath.
  • Ceramic fiber thermal insultaion keeps outer sheath cool and maximizes energy efficiency.
  • Clamps are attached directly to the outer sheath providing maximum clamping force.
  • Nickel/Chromium resistance wire evenly would for uniform heat distribution and reliable accuracy.
  • High impact, high temperature ceramic "knuckles" encase the resistance wire for electrical protection and maximum heat transfer.

Standard Ceramic Band Heater Specifications

Maximum Operating Temperature 1400°F
Maximum Voltage 480 Volts
Maximum Amps 25 Amps
Wattage Tolerance +5%, -10%
Maximum Recommended Watt Density 45 Watts Per Square Inch
Minimum Diameter 3 inches
Width Range 1"-12" in 1/2" increments


Heater Thickness

Heater Type Nominal Thickness Insulation Thickness
Standard 5/8" 1/4"
Insulation Max 15/16" 1/2"

Terminal Box

Provides protection from shock for electrical connections.



A single hole can be added to a heater.  Holes are useful for instrument access, etc. Minimum diameter is 2.5”.

Bayonet Fitting

A thermocouple fitting can be mounted at the gap for temperature sensing.  This eliminates the need to put a hole in the heater.


Three Phase Construction

Three phase delta circuit only.




  • Flange lock up is best for heaters with multiple holes or cut outs.
  • 1/2” clearance required
  • Min. I.D. 1”
  • Min. width 1”

Welded On Barrel Nuts

  • Welded on barrel Nuts are optional on any screw or lead termination.
  • Excellent clamping option for heaters with holes or cutouts.
  • No strap to loosen or adjust.
  • Standard Barrel nuts are 3/8” diameter and use a 10-24 socket head cap screw.
  • 5/8” clearance required.

Latch and Trunion Clamping

  • Easy on/off
  • Spring loaded clamping.
  • Retains tight heater fit during start-up.
  • 4" long bolt (10-24 thread) with 2.25" long spring.

Spring Loaded Clamping

  • Tig welded barrel nuts.
  • Spring loaded clamping.
  • Retains tight heater fit during start-up.
  • 4" long bolt (10-24 thread) with 2.25" long spring.


Post Terminals

Post terminals are the standard termination for ceramic band heaters. They allow quick connection with ring or fork connectors or buss strips.  Standard location is 180° from the gap.

Wire Leads

Lead wires rated to 550℃ are attached to the post terminals using ring connectors.  18 ga. is standard, larger gages are available. Can be used with or without a terminal box.

Wire Leads with Stainless Steel Braid

Stainless steel braid provides lead protection while still remaining flexible.  Requires a terminal box.

Wire Leads with Stainless Steel Armor

Provides excellent lead protection from abrasion and other mechanical stresses.  Requires a terminal box.



Provides a way to quickly disconnect the leads for easy heater installation and removal.



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