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Cartridge Heaters

Backer Marathon Heater's HotRod swaged cartridge heaters are the industry standard. They are designed and manufactured for temperatures up to 1600°F.  In addition to our swaged construction heaters we offer non-swaged heaters for applications up to 800°F and square cartridge heaters. Choose from one of our thousands of in stock models or let our engineers design a custom heater for your application. 

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Product Lines

Swaged Cartridge Heaters (HotRods)

Backer Marathon's Swaged HotRod cartridge heaters feature the most wattage per unit volume of any heater we offer. With watt densities of up to 300 watts per square inch and applications up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit, HotRods are the choice for the most demanding applications. Choose from over 14,000 HotRod configurations for immediate delivery or let us design a unique heater for your special application.

Non-Swaged Cartridge Heaters

For applications where a swaged heater is not required, non-swaged cartridge heaters offer a cost effective alternative. Most of the lead configurations and options available for swaged HotRod heaters are also available for non-swaged cartridge heaters. Non-swaged heaters are not recommended for applications where there is a lot of vibration or impact.

Square Cartridge Heaters

Unlike square cartridge heaters from other manufacturers, our square cartridge heaters are swaged, allowing them to be used in high temperature and high watt density applications.. Square heaters are ideal for milled slots in long platens where drilling a long hole would be too difficult. Square cartridge heaters are also much easier to remove from a slot after extended high temperature usage than removing a round heater from a drilled hole.