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JAC Style Thermocouple
JAC Style Thermocouple
JAC Style Thermocouple
JAC Style Thermocouple

Adjustable Armor Thermocouples

Backer Marathon offers Adjustable Armor Thermocouples. We stock hundreds of different models and offer quick turnaround, usually 48 hours or less, on custom designed and manufactured units. We only use the highest grade materials and offer a variety of sheath materials for any environment or temperature range. All sensors are subject to rigid quality control procedures and a thorough inspection process. Expert engineering assistance is readily available for any order size, large or small. In addition to your sensor needs, we can engineer a complete thermal system for you. Worldwide on-site support is available through one of our many distributors or representatives.

Adjustable Armor Thermocouple Standard Specifications

  • 3/16" diameter probe
  • Fits standard bayonet adapters
  • 12" spring with bayonet cap
  • Grounded construction
  • 24 ga. fiberglass leads with stainless steel armor
  • Spade lugs


  • 2 wire or 3 wire RTD
  • 1/8" diameter probe
  • Custom probe length
  • Polarized plug or jack
  • 20 ga. lead wire
  • Additional lead lengths available 
  • Custom orders welcome

Termination Options

  • Stripped Leads
  • Spade Lugs
  • Mini Plug
  • Mini Jack
  • Standard Plug
  • Standard Jack

Type Options

  • Type J
  • Type K
  • Type T
  • RTD
  • Grounded
  • Ungrounded

Stock Parts

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Part No. Lead Length Available Qty Price
JAC120-G1-24R1 120.0 inches 80 Sign In for Pricing
JAC120-G1-24R2 120.0 inches 29 Sign In for Pricing
JAC144-G1-24R1 144.0 inches 34 Sign In for Pricing
JAC144-G1-24R2 144.0 inches 50 Sign In for Pricing
JAC24-G1-24R1 24.0 inches 4 Sign In for Pricing
JAC24-G1-24R2 24.0 inches 5 Sign In for Pricing
JAC36-G1-24R1 36.0 inches 43 Sign In for Pricing
JAC36-G1-24R2 36.0 inches 14 Sign In for Pricing
JAC48-G1-24R1 48.0 inches 12 Sign In for Pricing
JAC48-G1-24R2 48.0 inches 19 Sign In for Pricing
JAC72-G1-24R1 72.0 inches 54 Sign In for Pricing
JAC72-G1-24R2 72.0 inches 124 Sign In for Pricing
JAC96-G1-24R1 96.0 inches 19 Sign In for Pricing
JAC96-G1-24R2 96.0 inches 161 Sign In for Pricing
KAC120-G1-24R1 120.0 inches 0 Sign In for Pricing
KAC120-G1-24R2 120.0 inches 20 Sign In for Pricing
KAC144-G1-24R1 144.0 inches 0 Sign In for Pricing
KAC144-G1-24R2 144.0 inches 8 Sign In for Pricing
KAC24-G1-24R1 24.0 inches 9 Sign In for Pricing
KAC24-G1-24R2 24.0 inches 0 Sign In for Pricing
1 - 20 of 28 Filter Results