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Silicone Rubber Drum Heaters

Backer Marathon drum heaters are an excellent way to heat 55 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails, and other sizes of liquid containers. Various sizes and lengths allow you to heat up practically any drum, pail, or barrel. Uniform heat prevents scorching or degradation of the contents. The silicone rubber band should be placed below the level of the fluid. The easy to use spring lock-up allows movement of the band when liquid levels fluctuate. The band style heater can be used on plastic, steel, or almost any material. Excellent to facilitate the flow of thick oils, greases, and other fluids in very cold environments.

Drum Heater Drum Heater

Drum Heaters

  • Easy installation with spring leaded fastener.
  • 3 conductor cord set.
  • Internally grounded.
  • Can be wrapped around any object
  • Optional thermocouples, RTD's, holes and cut-outs.

Band Style Drum Heater Applications

  • Freeze protection
  • Viscosity control
  • Speeding up the flow of liquids
  • Maintaining product consistency

Stock Drum Heater Specifications*

All heaters come with 6ft. SJO cord set and easy spring loaded fastener.

  Specifications Width Length Volts Watts
SRD5-31-N 5 Gallon Drum 3 31 120 300
SRD5-41-N 5 Gallon Drum 4 31 120 550
SRD55-31-N 55 Gallon Drum 3 64 120 1000
SRD55-32-N 55 Gallon Drum 3 64 240 1000
SRD55-41-N 55 Gallon Drum 4 64 120 1500

*5 gallon fits 11.5" diameter drum. 55 gallon fits 22.5" diameter drum.

Optional Thermostats

Thermostats can easily be attached to stock drum heaters.

Stock Thermostats*

Pre-set on at 35°F / off at 55°F
Pre-set on at 80°F / off at 110°F
Pre-set on at 145°F / off at 175°F
Pre-set on at 170°F / off at 200°F
Pre-set on at 270°F / off at 300°F
Adjustable 25°F—330°F

*Consult factory for other calibrations.

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