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Sheath Materials

Backer Marathon HotRod cartridge heaters are available with a standard 304SS sheath. In addition, 316 stainless steel and Incolo​y 800 are optional. 304SS is excellent for most applications. However for extremely high temperature applications, Incoloy 800 is the better choice and for some corrosive environments 316SS is recommended. The chart below can help in selecting a sheath material.

E=Excellent, G=Good, F=Fair, NR=Not Recommended

Fluid being heated 304SS 316SS Incoloy Max Watt Density Max Temp (°F)
Air to 1200 °F E E E    
Air to 1400°F G G E    
Air to 1600°F F F G    
Acetic Acid F G F 40 180
Acetone E E E 20 130
Alcohol F E E 25 212
Asphalt E E E 4-10 200-500
Caustic Soda, 10% E E E 100 210
Degreasing Solution G E E 40 275
Electroplating Bath, Cadmium E E E 100 180
Electroplating Bath, Copper E E E 100 180
Ethylene Glycol F F F 30  
Freon E E E 2-5 300
Glycerin E E E 10 500
Kerosene E E E 25-30  
Molasses E E E 5 100
Nitric Acid (30% max) F F NR 20 167
Oil (SAE 30) E E E 20 250
Oil (SAE 50) E E E 10-15 250
Oil, Vegetable or Mineral E E E 30 400
Paraffin or Wax E E E 16  
Steam @ 300°F E E E 30 300
Steam @ 500°F E E E 25 500
Trichlorethylene F F F 30 150
Water, Distilled E E E 300 212
Water, Tap F E E 300 212

E=Excellent, G=Good, F=Fair, NR=Not Recommended

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