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Backer Marathon is the premier manufacturer of electric heating elements and temperature sensors. We stock thousands of heaters and sensors for same day shipment and specialize in custom designed and manufactured products with no minimum order.  Whatever your heating requirement, Backer Marathon has a solution. 

Backer Marathon offers the following heaters:

  • Swaged, Non-Swaged and Square Cartridge Heaters
  • Mica and Starflex Band Heaters
  • Mica, Ceramic and Starflex Strip Heaters
  • Silicone Rubber Heaters
  • Air Heaters
  • Coil Heaters
  • Box Heaters
  • Flexible Tubular Heaters


Product Lines

Air Heaters

Backer Marathon air heaters feature an open coil of high temperature resistance wire electrically isolated in a stainless steel sheath. Because the air being heated passes directly over the resistance wire, maximum heat transfer efficiency is achieved. Backer Marathon brand air heaters are used for heat staking, plastic welding, laminating, drying, heat sealing, and any other operation where air needs to be heated up 1000° F.

Hotset Flexible Tubular Heater Elements

Backer Marathon is a distributor for HotSet flexible tubular heaters. HotSet flexible tubular heaters make the heating of complex platens, shapes, and machines possible. Simplify your machine design while reducing maintenance time and cost by using HotSet flexible heaters.

Box Heaters

Backer Marathon carries Mica Box Heaters.