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Other Options

Distributed Wattage

  • Distributed wattage heaters are often used in platens and sealing bars. Wattage is usually increased on the ends of the heater to compensate for end losses and maintain a constant temperature along the heated product.
  • Specify desired lengths in inches and wattages in percentage. 

Internal Thermocouple

  • Built-in thermocouples can be of type "J" or "K", grounded or ungrounded, and attached either at the disc end or middle of the cartridge heater.
  • Thermocouples lead wire is 24 ga., solid, and unless otherwise specified, thermocouple leads are the same length as the power leads.
  • When ordering, please specify type, location, grounded or ungrounded (if not specified, then we will supply grounded), and insulation material (if not specified, then we will supply fiberglass).

Dual Voltage

  • Dual Voltage cartridge heaters can be engineered to operate at different voltage ratings. To order, specify dual voltage and voltage requirements. 


  • Individually controlled heat zones give flexibility when needing to control the heat along the length of a cartridge heater. These zones are commonly used in sealing bar applications.
  • Dual Zone are commonly constructed with 4 power leads.
  • Three Zone heaters are constructed with (6) color coded leads. Yellow leads indicate disk end zone. Black leads indicate center zone. Red leads indicate lead end zone. Please consult factory for available diameters. Specify length and wattages of desired zones.

Three Phase

  • Backer Marathon Cartridge Heaters are available for three phase delta for high amperage applications. Certain restrictions apply.

Double-Ended Construction

  • HotRod cartridge heaters are also available with an electrical termination on each end.
  • Heaters can be made with lead wires, straight pins, or screw terminals.
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