Valve Heaters

Posted On October 02, 2017 by Mike Wrob


One of the many custom products that Backer Marathon produces are in line valve heaters.  The heaters can be built to fit over complex shapes and can be installed in the field without disassembling the piping.  These heaters can be used to to 400°F.  Heaters include a silicone sponge insulation jacket to reduce heat loss.  Options include built in thermocouples for exact temperature control.

Customers normally send a Solidworks file or other 3D file and our design team constructs a full size model of the valve utilizing 3d printing.  This insures an exact fit of the heater and insulating jacket.

Heaters are constructed with velcro tabs for a snug fit on the valve.  Custom design allows us to design and build heaters to fit odd shapes and insure uniform heating and ttemperature profile.

A silocone sponge insulation jacket fits over the heater and valve to provide energy savings and uniform temperature.  High temperature rubber bands provide constant tension insuring a snug fit.